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    Extended Reality

How do you get talented people ready for a job in the offshore wind industry? It’s a challenge we tackled together with POM West Flanders, resulting in an innovative training lab: The Reef! We proudly realized 4 XR trainings, each with a different theme, enriched with user gamification and matched with the right hardware device.

Waters run deep

Our Belgian North Sea is a true treasure trove of activities: shipping, tourism, fishing, windmills and much more. With a Digital Twin, we bring this activity to life on an interactive touchscreen. For example, you can select different types of weather, each of which has a different impact on the energy production of the wind farms. In doing so, we also provided real-time data of weather and ship traffic as added value.

Digital Twin Belgian North Sea

What is a Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin is a 3D replica of the real world. This digital twin not only allows your target audience to learn interactively, but also provides a real-life environment to mimic real situations. Using a Digital Twin is especially useful for training in dangerous or complex environments, such as industrial plants, even medical procedures or as in this use case: offshore wind energy.

The coast is clear

We took Virtual Reality to the next level for this client: an Animated VR training with 2 users (multiplayer). “Why?” you might ask. Turbines at sea need to be maintained, and teamwork and safety are vital in this process. We incorporated this awareness into an interactive safety equipment game and an adventure climbing session on an offshore wind turbine. Forget the idea of limitations, because with VR we can go anywhere!

Virtual Reality Multiplayer

VR Cave Experience

Sea the unexpected

The Reef’s showpiece is big, literally. A VR Cave is an application where you stand in a virtual world without having to wear Virtual Reality glasses. The walls and floor transform into projection screens that take you on an immersive tour of wind farms, all the way to the bottom of the sea. Thanks to stereoscopic glasses, you can walk among the anemones on the seabed yourself. And then the interactive adventure begins: building a wind turbine. Do you know which will be built first: the blades or the nacelle?

Not a cloud in sight

Thanks to drones, wind inspections are becoming more efficient and more economical, which is why the demand for Drone Operators is growing. That’s why we have developed a Drone Simulator training course that takes your skills to unprecedented heights. Plan your own routes, learn complex data monitoring in a real control room and perfect your reaction time to unexpected situations. In addition to flying yourself, we also simulate the real thing! From helicopters flying by to battery failures, our realistic scenarios prepare you for any challenge. Who said learning couldn’t be fun?

Drone Simulator and Data Monitoring

The Reef

Content and hardware hand in hand

We make sure that your desired virtual world comes to life in the right format that seamlessly fits your story. Do you already have a hardware solution in mind or at your disposal? We are ready to support you in working out the content!

Challenge us!