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Making Extended Reality accessible to any organization, large or small. That’s why we reinvest our profits in proprietary solutions to make XR better and easier for our customers.

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team of experts

Kris Roosen Kris Roosen

Kris Roosen

Commercial Lead Projects

Joren Jamar Joren Jamar

Joren Jamar

Back-end developer

Sander De Roeck Sander De Roeck

Sander De Roeck

Managing Partner

Marijn Goossens Marijn Goossens

Marijn Goossens

Managing Partner

Astor Astor


Chief Happiness Officer

Furor Dominus Furor Dominus

Furor Dominus

Creative Developer

Stefan van Gerwen Stefan van Gerwen

Stefan van Gerwen

Sales Director

Andries Geens Andries Geens

Andries Geens

Technical Lead Projects

Eric Begue Eric Begue

Eric Begue

Senior Unity Developer

Stijn Huylebroeck Stijn Huylebroeck

Stijn Huylebroeck

Technical Lead

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We are a team of experts in love with the future, technology and new media. It is our mission to make extended reality accessible for all organizations.


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