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    Virtual Reality

The phenomenon of ‘welding’ is a complex one to teach in a simplistic, correct and safe way. Just think of material waste or welding eyes due to exposure to UV light. As a solution to this issue, Soulmade put forward Animated Virtual Reality. Virtual welding in Optima Forma has recently become part of the curriculum of the secondary school Richtpunt Campus Hamme. An educational revolution!

Impressive welding environments at your fingertips

In this portable VR welding simulator, using the Oculus Quest 2, students can practice the MIG/MAG welding technique. It is the easiest welding process and allows the user to weld long pieces. Whether you are a brewing enthusiast or looking for a more extreme experience, our personal favorite is welding on a building structure atop a skyscraper! Note: not suitable for those afraid of heights.


Besides the environment, the user can also select a welding position (e.g. PA or BA). The crucial aspect for achieving a satisfactory result lies in setting the right parameters, especially tension and wire speed and don’t forget to turn on the gas cylinder. The adaptability of the welding line depends on its stability, torch-to-plate distance and weld speed. For beginners, it is often a matter of trial and error, but failure can actually be a great teacher.

Realistic welding performance

The biggest challenge lays in visualizing a realistic weld line, which was achieved by combining the position of the torch with the marching cube algorithm and some ‘smoothing’. Faster welding results in a thinner weld line, while slower welding produces a thicker weld line. At the end, students are given a score on various criteria, expressed in a point system from 1 to 10. The aim is to continuously improve your own result, so that you are optimally prepared for the working field.