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    Augmented Reality

To understand the operation of a heat pump, seeing such a device is essential, but not a standard presence in a classroom and certainly not logistically obvious. As part of the ‘Heat pump installer’ course at the Nxtpro training centre, we put forward Augmented Reality as the product visualization solution.

One iPad and the learning can begin

Using an iPad, students can place a full-size virtual heat pump in reality. This allows them to learn about both the components and procedures ( for example, sanitary heating) without unscrewing the heat pump. The AR tool should provide insight into operation, maintenance and repair, without logistical difficulties.

Outdoor unite heat pump

3D model indoor unite heat pump

3D precision at its best

In order to create a detailed 3D model of the heat pump, Daikin’s gigantic unit, iconic enough during the summer vacations, stood in our office space. Our 3D designer went to recreate each component, from the four-way valve to the condenser, paying extra attention to correctly visualizing the type of material (cfr. texture).

Innovative training brings benefits

A heat pump in AR is not only more convenient logistically, but also a lot safer. The risk of technical errors and physical injuries have been eliminated by the AR tool. So from now on, teachers will always have a virtual copy of the heat pump “in their pocket.” A great project that shows how we have been able to innovate the training sector with XR.

AR training as an innovative addition to existing teaching materials

Nxtpro Speaking.

"In a short, but tense, process, Soulmade succeeded in constantly taking concrete steps forward with the various parties around the table (instructor, hardware suppliers, and Syntra). The result is an AR application with the essence of HVAC training on heat pumps. Trainees can now test their knowledge on the AR model, and candidate trainees can quickly be introduced to the learning content, making the course more 'tangible'."

Joris Naert - Manager Partnerships Syntra


Reality with a touch of fantasy

You probably know augmented reality from ‘Pokémon GO’. It adds virtual elements to the existing environment. But the possibilities are endless. Augmented reality visualizes and facilitates internal business processes and makes complex products tangible. Wondering what AR can do for your company?

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