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    Augmented Reality

Bahamontes is a major magazine for cycling enthusiasts in Belgium. The readership is exclusive and very dedicated. Besides the magazine, Bahamontes also uses other media to spread their message. Think of photos, videos and 360° videos.

The Solution

Lacking the right platform, they posted these on their own social media channels when they actually prefer to keep their readership exclusive. They were already looking for alternative solutions and used QR codes for a while. These turned out to be not so user-friendly for the readers and aesthetically, it didn’t work for their magazine.

Bahamontes, Beehived Media and Soulmade put our heads together until we found the ultimate solution. Our own Bahamontes app!

Reality with a dash of fantasy

You might already know Augmented Reality from Pokémon GO. It adds virtual elements to the existing environment, but the possibilities are endless. Augmented Reality visualises and facilitates internal business processes and makes complex products more tangible. Is your company futureproof?

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Bahamontes couldn't wait to launch its new app

We designed an application that recognises certain pages of the magazine and links them to the right content. After scanning the page, the reader gets access to exclusive content such as videos, audio clips, photos or even 3D models.

Bahamontes also wanted to integrate their own branding, we created the ultimate brand experience. Because yes, it’s nice when it’s easy on the eyes.


We were looking for a format that was reusable. Bahamontes used the Easy AR system in the last six editions of their magazine.
At least 30-35% of the readers have downloaded and used the application. This success rate is sky-high.