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The customer is king. That’s true. But how do you deal with angry customers? It’s an art to react diplomatically, but it’s also a soft skill you can learn.

Virtual Reality soft skill training

How did Soulmade, together with Thomas More, answer this question? We designed a 360° training in which you, as an employee of Colruyt, walk around the store. You are approached by an unhappy customer and – regardless of the rude language – you have to try to have a constructive conversation.

Depending on your reaction, the supervisor determines the customer’s response. He chooses from five gradations: happy, calm, irritated, angry or aggressive. Based on your conversation, the supervisor will evaluate how well you did.

New worlds to explore

Virtual reality is the ultimate instrument for a complete experience. You enter a parallel universe that shows reality, an idea or a dream in an accessible way.

How does it work?

We recreate your ideal world in virtual reality by filming a 360° video on-site or by recreating it in 3D.

Challenge us now!

Colruyt Group Speaking.

"Our trainers used to do the role playing themselves and sometimes they used co-workers or actors. We discovered many benefits with using a Virtual Reality setting. It is also helpful that the trainer and other students can follow what the persons sees in VR. This makes a lot easier to start a group discussion."

Jan Rypers - Project Leader Digital Learning

Colruyt Group


The role playing takes place in a real store and this makes it a lot more realistisc and immersive for the participant.
There is no need for an actor, which saves cost and makes planning a training a lot easier.