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Capital vzw aims to tackle youth unemployment in Brussels by making them financially independent. In 2020, entrepreneur Hassan Al Hilou opened a ‘youth hub’ thanks to the collection of 1.5 million euros from companies and governments. In this Brussels hub, Soulmade built an experience centre to present different fields of work to our youngsters, from chemistry over food to construction. 

An unseen learning environment

Getting to know the work environment through innovative media?

We achieved this in the form of Virtual Reality, holography and an interactive table. Our biggest challenge was in finding a fun technological angle business sector to tell their story with.

Because of great satisfaction, a fourth experience was added to the hub: an Augmented Reality application.

1. Virtual and personal company tour

With Virtual Reality, we made it possible to go on a company tour together with a young employee. You get a personal tour and take part in all kinds of interviews with employees of companies such as Coca-Cola, Janssen Farmaceutica and BASF.

Virtual Reality


2. Interactive hologram booth

Through the hologram experience, we bring young people into direct contact with people from the field. With an interactive screen as a controller, the youngsters enter into a holographic conversation via a ‘question and answer’ structure. 

3. Touchscreen

The interactive screen, or touchscreen, has not 1, not 2, but 3 facets to offer. The aim here? To inform the youth!

  1. Company Stories: Via interactive storylines, the youngsters help someone to do their job. In this way, they get in touch with the company, learn for example how an application is built at Deloitte and are also entertained.
  2. Company Quiz: Soulmade also developed a quiz that young people have to complete within a certain timeframe. By consulting different sources of the company, they can find answers.
  3. Company Puzzles: The interactive table automatically turns a picture into a digital puzzle! Each puzzle is accompanied by an explanation of the subject.

And the ball keeps on rolling! We are currently looking at a fourth experience with Capital!

Touchscreen experience

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

In contrast to previous technologies, the focus for the AR app is not on informing, but on entertaining. In this experience app with Belfius, VRT, Nestlé and FPS BOSA as the main characters, you are going to look for their employees walking around the city of Brussels. If you find them, you’ll get a smartphone interview in which they talk about their job. At the end, you can play a game where you have to catch as many Capital Coins as possible. Game on!

Soulmade meets the Prime Minister

On 3 May 2022, the experience centre was officially opened: JOBX!
All the managers of the participating companies, such as Belfius, Deloitte and NMBS/SNCB, got to see the final result for the first time. The kick-off was given by Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Flemish Minister for Brussels, Youth and Media and Poverty Reduction Benjamin Dalle. Our team was present both for support and to demonstrate the latest hub: Augmented Reality. What a day!

Capital vzw Speaking.

"VR, hologram, touchscreen or AR, Soulmade has always been a solid and dynamic partner, bringing both technical and content expertise to the development of our various projects. From concept to realization and installation, cooperation and contact have been smooth. Soulmade is always flexible and solution-oriented, with a quality result within the agreed time line and budget every time."

Hassan Al Hilou - Founder Capital vzw

Capital vzw