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H.Essers is a logistics service provider that offers transport solutions all over Europe. The company is growing exponentially, as is its infrastructure. With Genk becoming the city of H.Essers’ new headquarters in 2021, they were looking for an innovative and impactful way to showcase the contemporary supply chain environment in which H.Essers operates to their visitors. Commissioned by the communication agency Mediamixer, Soulmade took up the challenge!

Table telling stories

Soulmade saw an interactive table as both an eye-catcher and a ‘digital storyteller’ in the entrance hall as the most unique and sustainable solution to introduce visitors to H.Essers.

An interactive and fun experience!

Tailor-made software

The services of H.Essers and their SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) play a crucial role in this interactive experience. In the software, we built a module with ‘touchpoints’, each covering a market segment in which H.Essers is active.¬†

Via the touchpoints, visitors are given a unique insight into H.Essers’ world using photos, videos and text. After clicking on a touchpoint, as a visitor you follow a route, immersing yourself in a particular market segment.

Honesty is the best policy

Even in the world of H.Essers, not everything goes off without a hitch. Stories in the touchpoints also reveal how H.Essers deals with logistical problems while keeping an eye on the environment, people and the world.

Admittedly, installing the hardware was a technical challenge for Soulmade. The interactive table consists of four large, separate touchscreens, each with its own interactive elements and sound.Yet, Soulmade managed to configure the touchscreens into a nice working entity.

Soulmade as 'one stop shop'

To optimize the interactive experience, we went one step further. For each ‘touchpoint’ in the module, we took 360 degree photos ourselves. In this way, we once again reinforce the concept of ‘digital storytelling’ in this case.

All kinds of content possible with TouchScreens

An interactive table, or TouchScreen, is a large touch screen that you operate intuitively with your finger. In this way we give visitors control. Informative content, games or rather as a learning environment? Present your content in an interactive, innovative and unique way.

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