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Lighting through Augmented Reality at home

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    Augmented Reality

Tekna is an internationally renowned designer and manufacturer of handmade lighting fixtures in the luxury segment. Besides their showroom in Lokeren, Tekna wanted to make their offer tangible in an innovative way. Enter the augmented reality app of Soulmade!

Digitized timeless products

Although Tekna’s catalogue tells customers everything about the design, function and appearance, it only gives a limited view of your future light fittings. To bring the showroom to life in the customer’s home, Tekna saw Augmented Reality as an innovative and suitable solution.

Light fixture Pendeen by Tekna

Tekna Discover App

Spot on in the details

Soulmade designed the multifaceted AR application
Tekna Discover App“, for which more than 100 lamps were developed in the smallest detail into 3D. All available finishes and colours were integrated to ensure a true-to-life display.

In addition, attention to light distribution was extremely important for this AR application. It changes depending on the surroundings. For instance, if the fixtures are suspended higher or lower from the ceiling or are combined with other light sources.

Shiny web platform as a data magnet

A high-performance and user-friendly web platform which Tekna can work with was definitely a must-have. Tekna can add new lighting fixtures or change the title of a lamp via a custom-made content management system (CMS). 

It is also possible to capture data from all users – such as who looked at which lamps – and to post newsletters on the app.

The augmented reality app was promoted internationally through high-end lighting shops and recently launched publicly at a trade fair, and the reactions were unanimously very enthusiastic!

Would you like to try out the Tekna Discover App?

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Reality with a touch of fantasy

You probably know augmented reality from ‘Pokémon GO’. It adds virtual elements to the existing environment. But the possibilities are endless. Augmented reality visualises and facilitates internal business processes and makes complex products tangible. Wondering what AR can do for your company?

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Tekna Speaking.

"Since we have no knowledge of developing an online application ourselves, we got support from Soulmade. By investing in them, the application was ready in a few months. Marijn's follow-up is tremendous, I could reach him almost 24/7, an exceptional service!"

Jolien De Wael - Marketing Director