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Measuring floors smartly and precisely with AR

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    Augmented Reality

During the event ‘The Big Score’, Unilin presented a challenge to an audience of start-ups and scale-ups. Unilin, producer of high quality and durable floors, such as laminate, vinyl and parquet, was looking for a solution to measure floor surfaces fast and easy. Soulmade was given the opportunity to develop a proposal, and with success! 

Floor measurement without moving

How to measure the floor of your living room through Augmented Reality without having to move your furniture? Or worse, your kitchen with a cooking island? Soulmade developed an AR measurement application with smart intersections, in which the technology scans the surroundings and looks for the intersection point behind your furniture.

Tested and approved 'on the field'

After the Augmented Reality development was finished, le moment suprême had arrived: Unilin’s installers went out to customers with the app, because that’s what an R&D project is all about. As it turned out, the app was well-received, mainly because the process of floor measurements has now been considerably accelerated. Unilin is investigating how they can gradually move from complex laser scanners to digital solutions in their future strategy.

A few more technological steps forward

Some additional features lifted the application to an even higher level. For instance, you can determine the position of the doors. Not to mention the intelligent angle calculation system, which means that the user does not have to walk manually to all the corners. The user can also generate an image of the floor plan. The sky’s the limit.

Unilin Speaking.

The match we found was with Soulmade. A specialist in AR technology. They made a measurement application for us, which we will link to an online platform. A very interesting collaboration, which went very smoothly. And also interesting for the future because now we have laid the foundation on which we can build in the coming years with this new technology.

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Reality with a touch of fantasy

You probably know augmented reality from ‘Pokémon GO’. It adds virtual elements to the existing environment. But the possibilities are endless. Augmented reality visualises and facilitates internal business processes and makes complex products tangible. Wondering what AR can do for your company?

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