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In 2019, AB Inbev planned its annual top conference in Brussels and even the CEO attended. For the innovation manager of Belgium, this is the perfect moment to showcase, you’d never guess, innovation. That’s why he was looking for the ultimate eye-catcher

Bigger is better

We built a large set-up with six synchronised holographic displays. A life-size hologram welcomed visitors personally and presented the schedule of the congress. The holographic images stood at the entry of the congress hall. Speaking of an impressive entrance.

Even though this was our first experience with ‘Holo Person’, it was a great success. The East Asian division of AB Inbev reused our holographic displays for the Chinese and South Korean market. Over the next years who have repeated this unique activation for at least seven times for new clients!

First test of the hologram at our office

3D On a flat surface

Let’s talk about holography. Doesn’t ring a bell? Great! That means the market is still young and your brand or product can stand out. A hologram is a kind of 3D visualisation that creates the illusion that an object or person is floating in the air. It looks like a poster of the future: intangible yet lifelike. 

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