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    Augmented Reality

SCIA is a software company for engineers. The software calculates and visualises the strengths and weaknesses of buildings. Every two years, SCIA organises a User Contest in which customers show how they use the SCIA software on different buildings. All winning user cases are bundled in a book that serves as their main sales tool.

SCIA Application

Examples of the Augmented Reality application

The coolest business card

SCIA was looking for an impactful and innovative way to present the latest edition of the book and attract more prospects. Soulmade brought the winners’ buildings to life with augmented reality. In the book, you can scan the pictures of the buildings, which the augmented reality application recognises.

By adding virtual elements, the buildings come to life. Several highlights around the 3D model of the building give you more information about why each building is unique and why it is the winner of a certain category.

Cover of the SCIA book

Reality with a dash of fantasy

You might already know Augmented Reality from Pokémon GO. It adds virtual elements to the existing environment, but the possibilities are endless. Augmented Reality visualises and facilitates internal business processes and makes complex products more tangible. Is your company futureproof?

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