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    Virtual Reality

Wonderwater is a project of JEF (the youth film festival) and VRT Sandbox, financed by the Flemish Government. This VR experience gives children in hospital a carefree time for a while. They are invited to travel to a virtual underwater paradise. 

Under the sea

The young patient lies in his/her hospital bed, when suddenly the bed turns into a submarine. The submarine travels to a number of underwater locations where the children can go on a journey of discovery. What makes this project extra special? All the animations were invented and drawn by children in hospital. Afterwards, they were digitally transformed.  

The application was set up in collaboration with Hunsk. It is a combination of a 360° video with visual effects in 3D. The biggest challenge: every kind of smartphone should be able to play this video. A difficult job. But thanks to a lot of optimisations, even old devices can use the app.

JEF Speaking.

"Very inspiring to work together with these Virtual Reality pioneers from Belgium."

Gregg Young


New worlds to explore

Virtual reality is the ultimate instrument for a complete experience. You enter a parallel universe that shows reality, an idea or a dream in an accessible way.

How does it work?

We recreate your ideal world in virtual reality by filming a 360° video on-site or by recreating it in 3D.

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