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Exellys attracts technical talent for growing companies. They call themselves ‘tech talent incubators’, engaging in the War For Talent and constantly on the lookout for experienced professionals or new ICT students. But in which pond do they fish for these talents? Conventions. And at conventions, you should not blend in. Blending in means disappearing into the masses. You have to stand out to be seen.

Holography at its finest

We looked for a solution that would be out of this world. We found it in holograms. It is new, flashy and attracts people like honey attracts flies. We built a gigantic holographic set-up: three displays next to each other, each of them a meter wide and fully integrated in the exhibition stand. It created a huge synchronised experience. Talk about stopping power. And it didn’t even stop there.

3D On a flat surface

Let’s talk about holography. Doesn’t ring a bell? Great! That means the market is still young and your brand or product can stand out. A hologram is a kind of 3D visualisation that creates the illusion that an object or person is floating in the air. It looks like a poster of the future: intangible yet lifelike. Want a real-life demonstration?

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Marketing magic

For those interested, we provided a give-away: holographic prisms. You scan these on your smartphone and the small hologram of Exellys gives you more information about their range. This leads prospects directly to the Exellys website or landing page. Each prospect enters the marketing funnel, so Exellys can follow up on these potential customers.

We also thought of an easy distribution solution. We developed a straightforward system to transport, install and manage the displays. This way Exellys no longer needs technical support.

Holographic Smartphone Prism


We released the hologram at the Supernova and it caused congestions in the corridors for four days. In a year time the set-up was used at twenty conventions.
Exellys placed four large orders for new holographic smartphone prisms to use as give-aways at fairs and events. The best proof for succes? Returning customers!