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Telenet withstood the law of the strongest for years. Especially in a busy shopping street like the Meir in Antwerp, you have to stand out to survive. Telenet keeps reinventing itself and likes to take on the trendsetting role.  

Telenet store in Hasselt

Rock the microphone

After seeing our largest holographic display for Excellys, Telenet was sold.

We took the footage from their Yugo Freestyler campaign – you know, from that song, “Freestyler, rock the microphone” – and created holographic dancers from it. Telenet’s window shop became a party!

3D On a flat surface

Let’s talk about holography. Doesn’t ring a bell? Great! That means the market is still young and your brand or product can stand out. A hologram is a kind of 3D visualisation that creates the illusion that an object or person is floating in the air. It looks like a poster of the future: intangible yet lifelike. Want a real-life demonstration?

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Telenet Speaking.

"Soulmade is an innovative company and is very nice to work with. They are passionate about what they're doing and you see this in the work they deliver. The company is very flexible and can certainly offer an added value for your brand."

Sarah De Haes - GTM Retail Manager


A succes story

We placed the first holographic activation in the display window of their flagship store in Hasselt. There was definitely no lack of attention and this is way they decided to expand the activation to the flagshipstore of Antwerp. 

Almost one and a half year later we are still doing new campaigns with the Holographic Set-ups. Both in Hasselt and in Antwerp, the store managers told us that they never received this much attention. Mission accomplished!

Telenet store in Antwerp