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Duracell, the well-known battery manufacturer, had a small but toe-curling problem. To manufacture a battery, employees have to use a specific device. There are hundreds of them at the factory, but a few break every day. To fix them, the technical department has to intervene. The repair is fairly straightforward and always follows the same steps.


Automatisation in an innovative way

With a little guidance, factory workers would even be able to solve this problem on their own. Duracell was looking for a way to automate this process in an easy way.

Soulmade made an augmented reality application where a tablet recognises the device and indicates the different parts. After this, the application shows step by step how to repair the device. The difficulty of this project? The AR app must recognise a 3D object (not a 2D tracker). Our technical adventurers solved this problem well in 2018.

Reality with a dash of fantasy

You might already know Augmented Reality from Pokémon GO. It adds virtual elements to the existing environment, but the possibilities are endless. Augmented Reality visualises and facilitates internal business processes and makes complex products more tangible. Is your company futureproof?

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On-site Augmented Reality training

An additional benefit of this application is that Duracell employees also receive on-site training. Factory workers learn a practical skill in their own workplace, which helps them to become more self-reliant.

They don’t have to move and the technical department saves valuable time. And just like that, everbody saves some energy.