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For marketing and consumption purposes, each product and brand of AB Inbev has its own particular place on the shelves. Some products have to stand next to each other, others right to the competitor. To check this, a manager inspects different stores. The inspection has to be quick, so the manager has to memorise each product’s place. AB Inbev went looking for a playful way to realise this.

Memory Game in Virtual Reality

Soulmade developed an old school memory game with a touch of VR. With VR glasses, you see yourself in the store with all AB Inbev products on the shelves. Afterwards, you have to say what is in the right or wrong place.

And again, we didn’t forget the interactive factor. You take part in the training in pairs and with a supervisor present. The supervisor sees what the participants answer and where they are in the shop.

New worlds to explore

Virtual reality is the ultimate instrument for a complete experience. You enter a parallel universe that shows reality, an idea or a dream in an accessible way.

How does it work?

We recreate your ideal world in virtual reality by filming a 360° video on-site or by recreating it in 3D.

Challenge us now!

AB Inbev Speaking.

"Soulmade helped us in developing a Virtual Reality experience to train our sales employees in an innovative and interactive way. Thanks for the great collaboration!"

Pieter Laurens - Group Account Manager

AB Inbev

Game Time!

The aim is to achieve the highest possible score. This classic game element triggers competitiveness and two Sales managers play against each other.

To make it extra difficult, we also let other people walk around and talk in the virtual reality experience. This way, we test the concentration ability of the managers. At the end, they get to see where they can still improve.


The Dutch department responded so well that AB Inbev decided to make a French version as well.
When the head of Category Management from Brazil happened to be in Belgium for an event, AB Inbev insisted we showcase our VR training. A real honour.