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Gaptek and Must are field hospital set up by the logistics department of Doctors Without Borders when or where humanitarian aid is needed. Speed and efficiency are key. This is why they want to better prepare both the construction volunteers and the doctors before their arrival.

Timelapse Tutorial

The first training is for local staff and volunteers who set up the field hospital. A recording of the entire construction process was made with a 360° camera. Local volunteers can watch the recording on-site to see what needs to be done each day and phase. The time-lapse slows down at the most important moments so you can see the construction from every angle. The viewer gets additional information through added animations and 2D videos.

Employees have to use the VR tool on their own, without the help of a supervisor. Therefore, a clear, self-explanatory system is important. Soulmade set up the hardware in such a way that everything starts automatically when you press the start button.

New worlds to explore

Virtual reality is the ultimate instrument for a complete experience. You enter a parallel universe that shows reality, an idea or a dream in an accessible way.

How does it work?

We recreate your ideal world in virtual reality by filming a 360° video on-site or by recreating it in 3D.

Challenge us now!

Artsen Zonder Grenzen Speaking.

"We worked on two different projects with Soulmade and it was a real pleasure. They understood our needs, dreams, but also the constraints and helped us build the best plan possible before starting the production. During the production they managed to adapt in a very agile way to difficult conditions and unexpected constraints. The post-production went smooth even with many stakeholders involved. Budget and timeframe were totally respected and the result was better than expected."

Joffrey Monier - Content Team Leader

Artsen Zonder Grenzen

Doctors with technology push boundaries

The second training was made to prepare doctors for their arrival. Field hospitals exist out of sheer necessity and are often chaotic. There is no time for a tour or introduction. Before the doctors arrive, they are sent a VR headset. When they play the video, they explore the terrain and go over the rules and regulations.

Doctors Without Borders has been using these trainings for over two years and they are still very satisfied. Doctors are better prepared, logistics staff are more efficient and training volunteers is more budget-friendly. In addition to the informative part, this technology helps volunteers to start off with the right expectations.