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Het Steen is a historic castle in Antwerp and was in need of renovation in 2017. Before the transformation of the building began, Visit Antwerpen wanted to spread the message in an original way. The plan? A new tourist centre and a museum next to the old castle.

3D Render of the Castle

Step into the Soulmade time machine

Visit Antwerp called in Soulmade for a second time. Together, we came up with an innovative way to share the renovation with the public. We made an augmented reality application of Het Steen and used it in the pop-up museum of the Flandria Kiosk.

This way, visitors could follow the restoration process and learn more about the history of the building. Wonder how it works? You find a map of Antwerp in the middle of the room. The location of Het Steen is indicated and on that spot, the building comes to life through augmented reality.

Reality with a dash of fantasy

You might already know Augmented Reality from Pokémon GO. It adds virtual elements to the existing environment, but the possibilities are endless. Augmented Reality visualises and facilitates internal business processes and makes complex products more tangible. Is your company futureproof?

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Stad Antwerpen Speaking.

"Soulmade already realised two great project for Visit Antwerp. They made a bike tour in Virtual Reality and an application of the renovations of the City Castle in Augmented Reality. Both times they did it in a short timeframe and cost efficient."

Claire Mertens - Manager Visit Antwerpen

Stad Antwerpen

Fotorealistic 3D Renders

We built our photorealistic AR production from scratch. In addition, we also made render photographs and a high quality 3D model. Viewers saw the old and new building come to life in the various renovation phases. Explanations are provided for each floor. This way, everyone gets a guided tour at their own pace.

The pop-up museum Flandria Kiosk is now closed because the works are almost finished. It ran successfully for three years without technical assistance. The curator of the new museum is still using the 3D model and the render images are also recycled from time to time.  

3D render van het 't Steen